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Why use Sky Legal?

Sky Legal represents passengers in their battles with the air carriers for indemnity under the Regulation 261/2004. Using our expert services greatly increases your chance of wining compensation compared to passengers choosing to represent themselves. The reason for our success lies simply with the fact that we have an established compensation procedure.

How much will making a claim through Sky Legal cost me?

Registering a claim with Sky Legal is free of charge. When we obtain compensation on behalf of the passenger, we will deduct a flat fee of 33% of the total sum recovered and will forward the remainder to the passenger`s bank account. This is less than our competitors who charge between 35-50% if the claim is not resolved pre-action. 

What does being a Gold Member of Sky Legal give me?

The Gold Membership gives its members a substantial discount on making claims through Sky Legal, reduction in provision by 20%, as well as the availability of bespoke legal advice in times of flight disruption. It is the best option for frequent flyers and those with many claims against the airlines.